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Classroom Plays for Social Studies, World History


   * Written by L.E. McCullough, Ph.D.

   * ISBN: 1-56472-240-6

   * Retail List Price: $17.00 (check online retailers for other prices)


Bring the excitement of longago empires to life!


Plays of Ancient Civilizations are interactive learning aids designed to make history and cultural study come alive for your students. These plays are foundations and stepping-off points for further research and learning by your students. Though each play script is self-contained and based on actual curriculum material, the format allows for additional information teachers might wish to insert.


1. Egypt: Building the Great Pyramid, 2500 B.C. Hemiunu, the Grand Vizier of Pharaoh Cheops, shows visiting ambassadors from Nubia and Assyria the step-by-step process of constructing the Great Pyramid at Gizaa.


2. Babylonia: The Code of Hammurabi, 1800 B.C. The Babylonian Emperor Hammurabi creates the world’s first legal code to deal with crime and civic unrest.


3. Greece: The Story of the Trojan Horse, 800 B.C. The poet Homer presents his epic The Iliad telling the mythic history of the Trojan War.


4. A Child’s Day in 2nd-Century Rome, 121 C.E. A glimpse at everyday life in ancient Rome as a twin brother and sister take their country cousin on a tour of the city during a geniune Roman holiday — the Birthday of Rome’s Founding.

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