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* The Critics Comment:  Reviews of Educational Theatre Books by L.E. McCullough *


“These books [Plays of Ancient Israel and Plays of Israel Reborn] are a resource that cure the problem of boredom and disinterest in Sunday school, while exploring the connection between our spirituality and our ethical and moral responsibilities to the world.”

   — Rabbi Edward Boraz, Roth Center For Jewish Life, Dartmouth University


“An excellent resource for teachers, Plays from Mythology is exactly what it professes to be: a dramatic resource for teachers to use with studies in other disciplines. Each tale is scripted with economy and purpose. The characters are simple and engaging.”

   — Jette Halladay, Children’s Book & Play Review


“This book [Plays from Mythology] appears to be a sure hit. Teachers and librarians will find this book valuable. — Paula Brown, Library Talk


“Plays from Fairy Tales is designed for integrating with classroom studies, particularly social studies, science, music and dance; easy to turn into community dramatic productions.  — Mary Romano Marks, Booklist


“L.E. McCullough has created a Christmas pageant in a package; Plays of the Songs of Christmas is a treasure.”

   — Judy Yeager, 1995 Teacher of the Year, Houston, Texas


“These plays [Plays of America] are fun and educational.”

   — Dr. James East, Associate Dean of Liberal Arts, Indiana University-Purdue University at Indianapolis


“I'll be using the Plays of America books throughout the year in my classroom.”

   — Jack Manion, 3rd Grade Teacher, Lutherville Elementary School, Lutherville, Maryland


“L.E. McCullough has delivered a remarkably scholarly, delightfully entertaining and wonderfully useful collection suitable for all ages. Young and old will want to revisit this book time and again.”

   — Craig Slaight, Young Conservatory Director, American Conservatory Theater, San Francisco, California


“A useful collection of plays for both children and adults, presented with both humor and intelligence.”

   — Paula Benjamin, School Library Journal


“Each of your scripts was so original and so very beautifully written, it was difficult to select only one of the group.”

   — Harvey Cocks, Managing Director, Ft. Wayne Youth Theatre


“The genius of this book [111 Shakespeare Monologues for Teens] is in the introduction, which offers a wealth of information for teens who have never encountered Shakespeare. The editors make him accessible by explaining his use of language, words, and verse. They demystify iambic pentameter and the use of thee and thou and clear up some of the confusion of Renaissance grammar and spelling ... Although there are many other collections of Shakespeare’s monologues available, this one stands out because of its focus on young actors.”

   — Carol Durusau, Newton County Public Library, Covington, GA


“Anyone Can Produce Plays with Kids translates theory into action and opens the door to play production with children.”  — StageStep

“Looking for plays for young people? You'll find good pickings in Plays of America from American Folklore, which offer student and community theatre groups 25 original plays that dramatize the folklore of virtually every major ethnic group in America.”  — Stage Directions


“Plays of the Songs of Christmas is very highly recommended for the family looking for instructive, entertaining and inspiring literature for the Christmas season. They are well written, often amusing and short enough for family reading on the busy night before Christmas.”

  — Fred Berthold, Professor of Religion, Emeritus, Dartmouth College


“The ideas, plays and vocabulary are easily understood and appropriate for young performers; Plays of America from American Folklore should appeal to children and teachers or group leaders alike.”  — School Library Journal


“In Ice Babies in Oz, McCullough presents a gripping variety of vivid scenes. These are powerful character voices for the monologues reader and their audience.”  — Nancy Zachary, Voice of Youth Advocates


“Dear Dr. McCullough:  Just a quick note to say my class performed your Flight of Icarus play last Friday for their class assembly and it was brilliant. Kids loved it and do did the audience!”  — Janice Chatham, Primary Teacher, Cofton Primary School, Birmingham, UK

“From trash-class twang to a sweet-talking saleswoman's pitch and the soothing tones of an apologetic hit man, Ice Babies in Oz explores real emotions.”  — Small Press

“L.E. McCullough is a poet and songwriter who writes like the wind and has a prodigious memory for the sights, sounds and smells of growing up on the Indianapolis Westside in the 1950s and ’60s.”   — Marion Garmel, Indianapolis Star


“Your plays, I must tell you, were extremely well written and received by the actors and the audiences.”

— George Miller, director of L.E. McCullough’s original plays for Historic Philadelphia, Inc., Summer 2001

“In Plays of the West, McCullough guarantees audience appeal by presenting amusing portrayals of the Old West, as well as serious treatments of historical events and prominent figures.”   — Chris Sherman, Booklist


“A thoughtful foreword puts the plays into perspective, and each play comes with suggestions for staging and costumes and music. Plays from Mythology is a particularly good collection.”  — Stephen Peithman, Stage Directions


“Selections in The Ultimate Audition Book for Teens: 111 One-Minute Monologues, Vol. 2 are brief, real and sometimes touching. They are simple enough to learn quickly and an entertaining way for readers to hone their acting techniques; a valuable resource for teachers and students alike.”

   — Susan Shaver, Hemingford Public Schools, Hemingford, Nebraska, Booklist


“These two books of curriculum-based plays — “Now I Get It!” 12 Ten-Minute Classroom Drama Skits for Science, Math, Language and Social Studies, Vols. 1 and 2 — make a good jumping-off point for teachers looking for new ideas.” — Marta Segal, Booklist


“I really enjoy your work — provocative and entertaining, intelligent and interesting, always leaving the audience in a heightened emotional state. I love it!”  — Stephanie D. Gray, UnderCulture Theatre Company, Greensboro, NC


“Plays of the Songs of Christmas is a truly remarkable and much needed book. With its wealth of colorful characters, this book of Christmas plays is sure to become a regular staple in the holiday slot for many, many years. Charming, funny, raucous and touching, Plays of the Songs of Christmas is sure to resonate as long as the joy of Christmas is celebrated.”  — Don Kukla, Artistic Director, Missoula Children's Theatre, Missoula, MT


“Dear Dr. McCullough:  Using your play The Splendid Voyage of Kitty Doyle for our community fundraiser was an absolute joy for our student actors and their families. It was the best activity I have done with a group of kids in my 11 years of child and youth work.”

   — John Hodgson, Director, Vaughan Neighborhood Centers, Ontario

“This slice-of-history musical [Orphan Train] is undoubtedly the one Festival show that will exert the strongest tug on your heart strings. As the stunning finale of the musical with a book by the prolific journalist and author, L.E. McCullough, makes all too plain, the problem of ‘surplus children’ remains with us.”  — Elyse Sommer, CurtainUp

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