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"Break a Leg!"

A Treasury of Theatre Traditions and Superstitions

   * Written by Lisa Bansavage & L.E. McCullough, Ph.D.

   * ISBN: 978-0-9967889-5-3

   * Retail List Price: $17.00 (check online retailers for other prices)


EVER WONDERED why actors don’t wear green onstage?

    Or never wish each other “good luck”?

         Or avoid whistling in the dressing room?

              Or refuse to mention a certain Shakespeare play by its name?


“Break a Leg!” A Treasury of Theatre Traditions and Superstitions is a fascinating compendium of facts and fancies about theatre life, exploring the origin of the colorful traditions and superstitions that are as vital a part of theatre as the plays onstage.


Includes entries on


Cats, Candles & Curtains  •  Peacock, Mirrors & Make-up  •  The Gypsy Robe   •  The Ghost Light 

Flowers, Jewelry & Thread  •  Opening Night   •  Why Is It Called “the Green Room”? 

Don’t Quote the Scottish Play!   •  St. Genesius & Other Saintly Aids to Actors 

Unusual Theatre Terms   •  Famous Actors and Their Superstitions  •  Bad Dress, Good Show

Stage Turkeys and the Notorious Broadway Moose   •  Edmund Kean's Most Peculiar Charm 

Who the Heck Is Walter Plinge?  •  Theatre Ghosts  . . . and much more!


What goes on behind the curtain is often as fascinating as what happens before the audience.

“Break a Leg!” A Treasury of Theatre Traditions and Superstitions is the perfect Opening Night gift for your favorite theatre friends or anyone interested in theatre life and lore.

6x9 size, 90 pages,

62 photos and illustrations –

The Perfect Opening Night Gift!

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