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Playwriting Workshops for Adults



Theatre in the classroom is not a “one-size-fits-all” proposition. This workshop offers guidelines on identifying the elements of your curriculum most likely to be enhanced by dramatic presentations and then adapting it to your unique classroom environment.

Organizing Your Educational Drama Troupe from A(uditions) to Z(oetropes)


You don’t need a big-bucks budget to get an educational drama troupe up and running. This workshop shows teachers (elementary/middle/high school) how to get a production off the ground with minimal expenditure of time, cost and materials.

"IT HAPPENED LIKE THIS ..."   Basic Playwriting Techniques for Historical Drama


Historical Drama is one of the most popular forms of youth and educational theatre today. This workshop provides playwrights with research and writing techniques to make the past come alive for contemporary audiences while maintaining historical accuracy and individual perspective.


Dr. McCullough presents basic models used for writing a 20-30 minute historical drama covering Purpose of Play, Themes, Timeline of Events, Characters, Set, Props, Sound/Light and Music Effects, Viewpoint of Narrative, Costumes and Staging.

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